Hong Kong is heaven for photographers

Well I was lucky enough to spend a week in Hong Kong recently as part of a 5 week trip.  I’d always wanted to go to Hong Kong from a very young age, and can only explain that desire coming from the fantastic imagery of they city.

I spent a week exploring Hong Kong and falling in love with the culture, food and most of all the open attitude to photographers.  Normally when you go somewhere with your kit, you feel quite conspiciuos and the odd one out….in Hong Kong…you spend must of your time subtly comparing what kit the person standing next to you has…..Hong Kong is awash with DSLR shooters and they are not afraid to invest in kit.

I personally was using a Canon 5Dmkiii, with a  24-70 2.8L mk2, 70-200 2.8l mk2, 50 1.4, Giottos VGRN 8255 Vitruvian carbon fibre tripod.

I had chosen to travel with this kit (which added up to quite a weight), due to the variety of situations I would find myself in over 5 weeks and a drive to capture some of those images my mind had seen so many times.  This obviously represents a large sum of money in physical form, yet not once did I feel vulnerable in Hong Kong!  Every other person seems to be carrying some form of DSLR and taking lots of images as they move around the city.

The tipod proved essential once the sun set and the neon kicked in – being able to capture some fantastic night shots of sky scrappers and city scenes.

Night Skyline
Hong Kong at night

View from the peak
Hong Kong from peak

Hong Kong Highway
Hong Kong Traffic light streaks